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A History from the eyes of Devin - President


Geography and Family

My Wife, Nicole, and I live in East Rochester and have for the last 7 years.  We enjoy a large family, in terms of the average size family these days, of 6 kids.  The family is a blended with children from each of our previous relationships with our youngest, Abbigail, bringing up the rear at 3 years old and tying us all together.  In totality the ages go 16, 15, 13, 11, 9 and 3.  Of the mix we only have one boy…. he has developed a great sense of humor and knows the female species well!


Education and career path

Dana Vosburgh, my father,  launched the business in 1973….so one could say I have always worked there.  Summer breaks or special projects my brother and I always worked there as well as holding down other jobs.  I worked more in retail through school along with running Cross Country and Track, as well as playing basketball.  After High School I was not sure what direction I wanted to go but I always knew business was a core major that could lead me to any passion I may find. So I headed off to MCC to get the building blocks I needed.  I was still unsure what I wanted to do but I knew one thing for sure….I did NOT want to be in the family business. So I had to get a job, and that job was the production manager of St. John Fishers Copy and Print Center….go figure.  Funny thing about being a full time employee at a college, you can take classes for free there.

After a few years there I was invited back to Ultraprint.  In that time I matured and saw the family business  as less of a “safety net” and more of an opportunity.


The Business

Ultraprint has evolved over the years.  Some elements from directional choice, and others out of survival.  When my Father started it in the early 70’s it was called Kopy King and was a short run offset shop.  Being as the market was not over saturated back then, it grew fast and robust.  Due to that growth, the focus turned more to Business to Business relations rather than retail.  After a failed attempt to franchise Kopy King my Father decided to rebrand the business to Ultraprint Corporation.  It better reflected the commercial aspect we stepped into and avoided confusion with the massive push copy centers were taking in the area.

Technology is obviously a central point in the industry and we did not run from it as many did…but rather moved into it at a pace that was both sustainable and profitable.  I strongly feel that is a large part as to why we were able to maintain, while other shops started closing doors.  We still focus on Business to Business printing but as businesses have also evolved, the definition of the businesses we help has changed too.  We can still do 10,000 sheet orders of letterhead….but we can also help the solopreneur with a 200 letterhead order and matching envelopes.   As we work through their marketing as a collaborative team, we also are able to offer our clients full web solutions and social media marketing as we have someone here that specializes in that as well.  We are the Marketing Assistant they wish they had….and we have their best interests at heart.


Unique Selling Proposition

What sets Ultraprint apart from the “other guys” is the one to one relationship that we pride ourselves on with our clients.  While we love our fulfillment work and in-and-out orders, we truly enjoy building and defining a brand for a new business.  They can call and talk to us about brand ideas….ask if we know people that do other services they need help with...or any other question they have about marketing.  Everything we do for our clients is done from our own perspective of “would I pay for this if I was the client”.  We do not “plug and play”, if we see something is not right we make the call to the client before continuing. 


Advice to you

I want to first thank you all  for talking the time to read a little about me and my family business, and allowing us into your community.  As far as advice….everyone needs to remember that do it yourself marketing is OK.  Especially when you are starting out.  However, a time will come when you need to compete with someone that is taking their Marketing serious.  Do not be afraid.  Taking your brand to the next level does not require a $100,000 contact with an ad agency (at the small business level).  Over extending your finances is still bad even if you HOPE a return will come your way….in fact it is irresponsible.  We call it Marketing Patchwork where we come in and take a look at what you are doing.  We look at the parts that are professionally done and the parts that are do-it-yourself.  We then massage and adjust the parts that need improvement in order of importance.  We are always after a WIN / WIN end goal.


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